RT Real Estate Group
invests in single family houses and commercial real estate in Southern California.

Guided by our core values of Integrity, Professionalism and Performance our goal is to maximize returns through strategic acquisitions and cash flow management while minimizing risks.
Commercial Properties
RT Real Estate Group acquires multifamily apartment buildings in growth markets across the United States. Guided by our core values of Integrity, Professionalism and Performance our goal is to maximize investor returns through cash flow and capital gains while minimizing risks.

Our business model focuses on the acquisition of income producing multifamily properties that have value-added opportunities. When considering which city to invest in and which property to acquire, RT Real Estate Group's acquisition team carefully analyzes all aspects of the deal.

Our due diligence includes detailed review of several years of financial statements, current market conditions, local competition, economic fundamentals, etc.  This process allows RT Real Estate Group to understand the market cycle of the target city and implement the correct acquisition, management and exit strategies.

RT Real Estate Group offers opportunities to earn good returns through real estate without the hassle or stress of managing a rental property yourself.

How many people reading this right now have invested in, or thought about investing in, real estate by buying a property to rent? There is nothing wrong with this path and you can earn very good returns on your investment. However, do you want to be a landlord and deal with tenants and toilets or do you just w
ant to earn a good return with your investment secured by real estate? If the latter, we may have an option for you.

When we buy a house from someone we either offer them a down payment or an all cash offer. We borrow the money required to pay the Seller from a private investor (lender) and give them a fixed interest rate with monthly or quarterly payments. The loan is secured by a promissory note and a deed of trust that is recorded with the county.