RT Real Estate Group
invests in single family houses and commercial real estate in Southern California.

Guided by our core values of Integrity, Professionalism and Performance our goal is to maximize returns through strategic acquisitions and cash flow management while minimizing risks.
Single Family Houses

"We Offer Solutions"

In this market Sellers need solutions to their real estate problems. Whether they want to sell quickly because they are moving out of the area, need cash for another investment, do not want to deal with costly repairs or just cannot afford the house any longer, we can provide a solution. We buy houses in AS-IS condition, pay top dollar and close in just a few days… or whenever they’re ready.

We offer immediate debt relief in as little as 7 days and there are never any fees, commissions or closing costs for the Seller to pay.

We owned a property for several years and it was rented. Unfortunately, our tenant fell on hard times and fell way behind in his rent. 

By selling our property to you we did not have to deal with the unpleasantness of eviction, remodeling or any extra expenses. 

Thank you for making the process so smooth.  You have been wonderful to work with and ever so kind and supportive throughout this whole transaction. We appreciate your warm but business approach to our stressful situation.

Sincerely Your,
Francine & Irene
RT Real Estate Group offers Sellers and Buyers solutions in any market condition.

With our "buy and hold" approach we can offer Sellers top dollar for their property. We also help Sellers avoid the typical costs that eat away at their equity. If we buy their property, Sellers do not have to pay agent commissions, make repairs to please a picky buyer (or building inspector) and they do not have to pay any closing costs. Also, Sellers do not have to keep lowering their price to compete with all the desperate sellers and bank owned properties on the market. Our cash offer saves the Seller time and the anxiety of going through multiple escrows because Buyers cannot qualify for a loan.

For Buyers we offer an affordable way to live the American dream of home ownership. We provide the right property for their budget and even offer seller financing and help with closing costs. As it becomes more difficult for people to qualify for a mortgage, the options we offer are becoming more popular for a growing number of people.
In today's real estate market it is critical that investment properties are purchased correctly. This not only means that the mechanics of the transaction, including the contract documents and disclosures, be accurate, but also that a proper financial analysis be performed.
RT Real Estate Group does extensive financial modeling on all properties to ensure our price makes sense for the planned exit strategy. With every offer we make we not only consider all variables that could have a financial impact but also the environmental variables that could impact the desirability of the property.
The nationwide credit crisis may have turned “the American dream” into an extended nightmare for many home buyers and sellers.

Banks and mortgage lenders (who are not going out of business) have tightened up their lending requirements to the point where many home buyers today can no longer qualify for a mortgage. Record foreclosures, rising unemployment, losses in the financial markets and the current credit crunch have not only reduced the number of buyers who can buy but have also increased the number of houses that sellers need to sell.

Prices are under pressure as home sellers lower their asking price to attract a buyer, and as lenders resell their foreclosed homes below market value.

And it’s turning into a vicious cycle -- as many buyers need to sell their current home first -- and many sellers (unless they plan to rent) need new financing to get into their next home. As a result, a sea of real estate agents, mortgage brokers and home builders are going out of business. These professionals are in the business of serving buyers and sellers. But that’s hard to do with the credit crisis when the entire real estate industry traditionally relies on mortgage lending to finance buyers and get houses sold.

What can homeowners do to sell their homes? How can buyers get financing if they can’t meet the tougher lending criteria on credit scores, income verification, down payment amounts and debt ratios?